I remember when I was 21, over 10 years ago, trying to figure out how to design a new website.

It took me weeks to figure out what was involve in designing a website and another 3 months to learn how to code it. 

Yes my first website I coded myself. It wasn’t pretty but I was proud of it at the time. I remember thinking at the time that now the website was live all this new business was going to come flooding in and how wrong was I. 2 months had passed and the only visitors I had was my girlfriend and mum as well as a few visitors from a different country which had no bearing on the business.

I then spent another 6 months learning about internet marketing and how to get potential customers to find and visit my website. It didn’t stop their either, I was finally getting visitors to my site but weren’t getting any leads. I then discovered conversion optimisation and converting those visitors into leads. It took over 12 months to get my first lead through the website and haven’t looked back since.

Attract Local Customers was founded by David Huby to help companies grow their business on the internet. We are here to help increase traffic and gain more customers. Whether you’re a business owner, marketing manager, freelancer or an employee then there’s something here for you.


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